50% of Foster Families Quit within the First Year.  With a Care Community, 90% of Foster Families continue on... year after year. 

Right now we have 4 Active Care Communities and 4 onboarding. Are you next? Fill out the form below to 


Steps to building a Care Community in your church: 

  1.  Organizer/Leader (and ideally one other) attends a 6-hour clinic put on by Promise 686.

  2.  Organizer agrees to becoming the Church Advocate, to help build a Care Community, or multiple Care Communities in their church. 

  3. Church Agreement is signed between lead pastor and affiliate organization. 

  4. Church Advocate begins building first Care Community, comprised of 5-7 families.  These families are a combination of known and unknown people to the family.  

  5. A Team Lead (lead nurturer) is identified to lead the Care Community. 

  6. Everyone in the Care Community attends a 2-hour training to meet each other, become acquainted with the structure of the Care Community and to be equipped with understanding of trauma-informed care.

  7. A Meet n' Greet takes place to bless the foster family with food and support, and Most Importantly, to meet the child(ren) that the Care Community will be supporting. 

  8. The Team Lead will speak with the foster family every week, and send out an email of praise reports, prayer requests, and confirmation of the meal deliverer for the week. 


Isaiah’s Place is a non-profit and faith based therapeutic foster care agency located in Troy, OH. We currently provide services for children and families in 15 counties across the Southwest Ohio region.  We believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive trust-based healing, providing the best chance to thrive.


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We strive to be a helpful guide to our foster parents, kids in care, and the community. We are working to re-establish the village it requires to care for kids, especially those from hard places.  Reach out to us and let us know how we can be of service to you and yours. 

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Isaiah's Place is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Organization