Fostering and adopting has required the most of me as a man.  I've had the privilege to be on this journey with other men to get me through the toughest of times and keep going.

- A Lucky Foster/Adoptive Dad

Foster & Adoptive Dads  - An F/A Brotherhood

In the world of Foster & Adoptive (F/A) Dads, there is little material & content.   We believe men hold an important role on this journey and are often under-represented. 

The Problem: 

  • 50% of foster families quit within the first year.

  • Men actively care for kids from hard places but are often viewed and treated as secondary caregivers and thus get the backseat in feeling included.  This quickly leads to isolation, frustration, confusion, marital conflicts, burnout, disruption, and quitting. 

  • The largest barrier to families taking care of kids from hard places is resistance from men getting involved. 


Mission: To build connections and friendships of support and encouragement between F/A dads.

Vision:  To grow a confident and competent F/A brotherhood throughout the Miami Valley so no F/A Dad is isolated and without support. In so doing, to recruit and retain more F/A dads throughout the region until we can provide More Than Enough love and care for every child from a hard place.


If you are interested in being involved in this group, please text FOSTERMOVEMENT to 77222Respond to the intro text with the word "dad".  You can also email Paul at with the subject "dads" and he will include you to an email list. 

Please see the below resources to help you along your journey:

Facebook Groups
Websites for men overall 
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