Rescuing & Restoring kids from Slavery.

Event details:

  • Time: 6 -9 pm

  • When: Thursday, April 30th

  • Where: Mayflower Theater - 9 West Main St, Troy, OH 

  • Who: Anyone interested in learning how to rescue & restore kids from hard places locally and globally.

  • Why: Slavery & suffering is everywhere and pervasive. Hope & freedom is possible. We can fight for freedom, and we can do more and do it better together. 

  • The experience:

    1. Meet & greet fellow freedom fighters. 

    2. Hear from & connect with local leaders​

    3. Watch the documentary

    4. Process & plan next steps individually & collectively.

A word from our sponsors

60% of all child sex trafficking victims have histories in the child welfare system. We need loving homes and committed supporters to help kids survive from trauma and thrive in life. While the children we serve are not enslaved, they do come from a hard place.  The child welfare system is often defined by the words "not enough". We will keep working until there is More Than Enough.  Learn more about fostering or supporting foster families and kids in care.   

- Paul,  Assistant Director


“As the Church, God has called us to a crucial role of establishing His Kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven. In the heavenly Kingdom we see the perfect picture of God's desire: a place with no hurt, manipulation or degradation. Human trafficking is one of the most evil depictions of the work of the enemy on our planet, and it is both the opportunity and responsibility of the people of Jesus to stand with those who are hurting and act to bring freedom and hope to the oppressed. Email us if you'd like to connect with others in the Church who care about this issue.” - Caleb Ingram, Executive Director


"Music has the power to connect people. It helps us rally, weep, honor, empathize, and pray for all who suffer." - Rusty Eshleman, our music guy


“Financial instability is the number one reason women and girls remain trapped in vulnerable situations, no matter their geography. When you buy fair trade, you become part of an economic system that invests in the empowerment and independence of producers and their communities. You are ending the systemic poverty, violence, and exploitation that leads to slavery worldwide. You can visit our store, website, or contact me directly to learn more about how fair trade is working every day to end human trafficking."

- Lindsay Woodruff, Founder.


"We strive to create a world where slavery ceases to exist, with freedom and basic human rights for all men, women and children. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower community members, with a focus on teens and youth, to get involved and become advocates for the oppressed.   Fill out this form if you’d like to run, organize, raise awareness, or get involved. We will keep fighting until all are free.”

- Brett Bogan, co-founder.


"“God created beauty to entice us out of the minutiae of the day, to fight for the broken-hearted, and lift our eyes to what is to come. A heaven where all tears will be wiped away.”

- Bevan Binder, our graphic designer 


Isaiah’s Place is a non-profit and faith based therapeutic foster care agency located in Troy, OH. We currently provide services for children and families in 15 counties across the Southwest Ohio region.  We believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive trust-based healing opportunities, so to best increase chances for thriving.


Phone: (937) 335-3701

Fax: (937) 335-7291

61 Stanfield

Troy, OH, 45373


We strive to be a helpful guide to our foster parents, kids in care, and the community. We are working to re-establish the village it requires to care for kids, especially those from hard places.  Reach out to us and let us know how we can be of service to you and yours. 

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Isaiah's Place is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Organization