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How trauma effects our kids and ourselves- 

in mind, body, and soul.

Healing Trauma

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How to slowly help heal the effects of trauma through overall re-framing and everyday actions.

Life as a Foster Child

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Helping all of us to empathize and understand what it might be like growing up as a child in foster care.

Former Foster Youth - Their Stories

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How former foster youth survived and how they now thrive.

Foster Parents - Self-Care

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How and why foster parents need to focus on self-care so to strategically provide the most healing and to prevent burn-out.

Foster Parents - Their Stories

How foster parents learned to help a child in go from surviving to thriving - and how to navigate this new world. You aren't alone.

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Parenting Skills:

Foster, Birth, and Adoption

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Skills to help all kinds of parents navigate the joys and challenges of raising kids.

Psychology Lessons

Understanding stress, vulnerability, attachment and other basic principles of psychology. 

Music: Real/Hard Feelings

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Songs that might unveil the feelings of a child from a hard place.

Music: Giving Hope

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Songs that might give hope to healing the stories of kids from hard place.

Church: Local and National Initiatives

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Best-practice wisdom for church communities to learn how to thread together & care for kids.

Movie Trailers

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Movies that give insight into caring for kids from hard places.


Isaiah’s Place is a non-profit and faith based therapeutic foster care agency located in Troy, OH. We currently provide services for children and families in 15 counties across the Southwest Ohio region.  We believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive trust-based healing, providing the best chance to thrive.


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We strive to be a helpful guide to our foster parents, kids in care, and the community. We are working to re-establish the village it requires to care for kids, especially those from hard places.  Reach out to us and let us know how we can be of service to you and yours. 

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