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Equipping the Church

Family Advocacy Ministries (FAM's)

We support churches by helping them create and sustain FAM's to care for vulnerable children and families.

What is a FAM?

How can a FAM serve? 

Form teams of volunteers that provide wrap around support to foster and adoptive families.

Host events to create awareness of the need for foster, kinship and adoptive families. 

Regularly pray for children in foster and kinship care, those waiting for adoption, and their caretakers.


Encourage families in your church who may be called to foster or adopt a child. 

Share the space in your church for foster parents to receive training or join in to learn more.

Foster Parent
Host a 

FAM's are not a "one size fits all" ministry. With your help, we will identify the strengths of your church and  help you build the FAM around what you're already doing well! Below are some ways that other FAM's serve vulnerable children and families. 

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What is a 
Care Community?

Care Communities provide tangible support for foster, kinship, and adoptive families to keep anyone from feeling they are in this alone. A team of volunteers from your church will wrap around a family with support such as providing meals, transportation, and childcare. Every Care Community has a team leader who will coordinate the volunteers and their services with the family. 

Why do we need
Care Communities?

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