Volunteering & Projects


Becoming an "official volunteer" means you go through the below process so you can directly care for a child through relational activities of tutoring, mentoring, transporting, etc.

In Africa, the Masai tribe have a greeting. Instead of saying "Hi, How Are you?".  They say, "And how are the children?"  They say this because they know their society is only as strong as the well-being of their children. Their response is always "the children are well".  In our culture, we can't respond in this way.

We are re-establishing the village it takes to raise a child. Especially a child from a hard place. We do this through equipping volunteers to be life-lines to kids and foster parents when they need it most.

Volunteer Process:

  1. Inquiring about volunteering? - email us at info@isaiahsplace.com

  2. Volunteer Application

    1. Download, fill-out, and turn into the office or email to sstoltz@isaiahsplace.com   

  3. BCI/FBI Fingerprinted Background Check

    1. UPDATE: We now have a finger printing background check machine at our office!  Call Shelley at the office or email her to schedule a time to come in and complete it. 

  4. Training/Orientation (in person or online)

    1. Email Elisha Hicks to schedule

  5. Copy of your social security card and another form of identification outlined in this I-9 form sent to sstoltz@isaiahsplace.com 

    1. NOTE: WE MUST HAVE A COPY OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD in order to complete an alleged perpetrator search through the statewide Child Welfare system. 

  6. Signed Paperwork: Download, fill-out, and turn into the office or email to    sstoltz@isaiahsplace.com 

    1. Volunteer Job Description

    2. Agency Rules/Policies

    3. Conviction Statement

    4. Confidentiality Agreement

    5. Consent for Alleged Perpetrator Search

  7. When you are complete with the process, we will email you to confirm.

    1. If applicable - We will also email your Church Advocate and Team Lead.

Our volunteers provide a variety of help.  If you have a skill, talent, interest, or passion, please contact us to see if we can find a fit for you. We like to steer volunteers into caring directly for a foster family and a child in foster care in their home.  We do this through a process called Care Communities. Click here to learn more. 


Here are some of the roles we look to fill:

  • Mentor/tutor children

  • Aid kids and families with transportation

  • Oversee children during foster parent training and support groups


  •  If you are a member of a Care Community and will be alone with the child in our care at anytime, you must complete this process. 

  • If you have any questions/concerns with the process, please call the office and ask for Paul.

  • We do this to comply with state regulations of anyone interacting with children in custody of a county

Projects we could use your help with:

Art on Sidewalk

Organizing, inviting, and networking to help create an impactful awareness and fundraising event

Women Holding Hands

Any creative, uplifting, and empowering project, trip, or camp to expose our kids to new horizons and possibilities. 

Create an interactive space at our office for kids to engage in play, art, music, narrative, and gardening therapy. 

Leverage your professional skills and talents by asking your company to donate __ hours a week to help us reach our goals.