At Isaiah's Place, we daily strive to create a healthy and productive culture for our staff, foster parents, and ultimately for the kids we are privileged to have in our care.  We function like a team and we can only do that through a community of champions getting to know and trust each other, walking forward together into the darkness to bring the light of healing.  Join us.


Bob Lybarger



Bob is a humble and driven leader. Bob has served on non-profit boards for decades and loves to bring ideas to life that benefit kids throughout the Miami Valley. Bob also has a part of his heart in Nicaragua. He brings long-term relational care and transformation to that community over the 10 years and 30+ trips  under his belt.  Professionally, he brings a wealth of organizational wisdom and experience, creating and selling 2 businesses in his career.  He's translating his skills into the child welfare arena to help provide more than enough love and care for kids in foster care. 

Shelley Stoltz  


Office Manager All-Star

Shelley is our versatile office manager all-star.  Shelley comes from a rich history of efficiently creating systems that benefit everyone in the organization from the top-down.  Shelley enjoys spending time with her family, learning new things, and making everything in the office as efficient and as effective as possible, and with a smile :). 



Future Foster Parent

Will you be one of our next team members? Click here to fill out this 2-minute form about becoming a foster parent.  Our network of foster parents are the core of our team. We do all we can to support them in healing the story of a child from a hard place.  Join the team. 

Foster Care Staff

Todja ​Stirtmire, LISW-S


Todja is a strong mama bear advocate and nurturer of kids from hard places. Todja loves family time, good food, hard work, rest, and reading.  She is a "healing nerd" who loves to investigate the inner workings of the human condition, mind, body, and soul. She's a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an open book.  Ask away. 

Kristen Brubaker, LSW

Licensing Specialist

Kristen loves to travel! She's visited 13 countries, including Israel, Egypt, and Switzerland, and has summited 6 mountains over 14,000 feet!  She brings her skills of adventuring into her care for kids and families through effective problem-solving, close support, and follow through. 

Paul Hemminger​, MSW/LSW


Paul is a family man with a plan.  He loves works of justice, adventuring, meeting strangers, being creative and silly, and working hard to build the army to take care of kids from hard places. He oversees training, licensing, tech, recruitment, and community/church development.  

Molly Snow



Molly has served with Isaiah's Place for over 11 years and is kind and helpful to all veterans and newcomers.  Molly loves football, is a coach's wife, has 3 beautiful kids, and loves to take care of children. She currently takes care of our Hillsboro families and oversees all placement coordination.  

Lauren Smith, LSW


Lauren likes taking long walks with her two adorable pups, attempting DIY projects with her husband and plotting pranks against her co-workers! She's really good at it.  Lauren is also extremely organized, efficient, and kind. Lauren is a case specialist and serves multiple families throughout the Miami Valley.

Kim Eller



Kim is a veteran foster parent of 25 years having adopted three. She's an encourager, jazz lover, coffee snob, sushi connoisseur, OSU Fan, and Jesus Girl. Kim frequents the speaking stage and is open to gigs. She loves hyping up kids in foster care and giving them a voice.  Kim returned back to the Miami Valley a couple of years ago with energy to transform the landscape for good.

Breanna is from the Dayton-area and graduated from Wright State with a bachelors in Social Work. Breanna is passionate about children and families.  She is a music enthusiast and enjoys friends, family, and being active.  Breanna is a kind and gentle spirit. 

Breanna Spillman

Case Specialist


Elisha is a child development college educator. She has been a teacher, administrator, and trainer in child development for the past 26 years. Elisha now administers our ever excelling training program and also provides training. She has 7 kids, 3 biological and 4 adopted. She praises TBRI for helping her get through it.  

Elisha Hicks

Training Coordinator

Denise Trimbach


Denise is an experienced mom of eight, with 4 being adopted. Denise began learning TBRI alongside her family and implementing practices into their home for the past 10 years. Recently she has led TBRI groups and now trains foster parents for us in the applicability of TBRI in their homes. 

Board of Directors

Mike Cargill


John Jung


Kay Kaebnick


Steve Ackley


Darla York


Bob Parker



Isaiah’s Place is a non-profit and faith based therapeutic foster care agency located in Troy, OH. We currently provide services for children and families in 15 counties across the Southwest Ohio region.  We believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive trust-based healing opportunities, so to best increase chances for thriving.


Phone: (937) 335-3701

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61 Stanfield

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We strive to be a helpful guide to our foster parents, kids in care, and the community. We are working to re-establish the village it requires to care for kids, especially those from hard places.  Reach out to us and let us know how we can be of service to you and yours. 

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Isaiah's Place is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Organization