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The following are the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

rules regarding Foster Care and Adoption.

Instructions for Internet Access to the ODJFS Family, Children and Adult Services Electric Manuals The electric manuals include the most up-to-date version of ODJFS rules.

1. Go to the following internet address:

2. Select “Families and Children”.

3. Select “Family, Children and Adult Services Manual”.

4. Select “Foster Care Licensing”

5. Select the appropriate rule and read from there. 

The most relevant rules would be 5101:2-1-01 or any of the 5101:2-5 or 5101:2-7 rules. Those rules are the most relevant for foster parents.

If you would like a .pdf zipped copy of our agency rules and policies, you must be a foster parent with Isaiahs's Place and you can inquire by emailing us at


Rule Definitions


Rules for

Foster Agencies


Rules for

Foster Parents


Rules for


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