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Getting Started



Fill Out an Application

After talking with you, we will send an application for you to fill out.


Background Checks &

Pre -Service Training

We offer background check services at our location and training that is built around your schedule. 


Home Study and Licensing

This consists of two or three home visits and many questions to ensure safety and to best match children for your home. To learn more about licensing click here.


Child Placement

Once you're licensed, we will contact you as we get referrals for children that would be a good fit in your home! 

Kids Food Truck

" Every child is one caring adult away from a success story "   - Josh Shipp

Respite Care

Not ready to foster full-time, but you'd still like to help? Consider becoming a respite care provider!

Respite care is a vital service for our foster families and the children in their care. If a family ever needs a break or has an emergency, respite care providers can offer short term care, keeping the children for a night, a weekend, or even a couple weeks. Respite care helps prevent burnout among foster parens and increases the longevity and stability of child placements. 

Providing respite care is great for those looking to ease in to fostering or those who want to help for short, planned time frames. You can be a part-time grandparent, a fun aunt or uncle, or someone with a big heart and an extra bed!

Preparing Jams

Ready to take the Next Step?

If you're interested. . .

If you're not sure, but you still want to help. . .

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