Step 1 - Contact Us

Give us a call at 937-335-3701 or send us an email at

Step 2 - Application

To request an application and get the process moving click here. 

Step 3 - Background Checks &

Pre -Service Training

We offer background check services at our location and training that is built around your schedule. 

Step 4 - Home Study and Licensing

This consists of two or three home visits and many questions to ensure safety and to best match children for your home. To learn more about licensing click here.

Steps 5 & 6 - Child Placement and Ongoing Support and Training

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How to Get Started 

" Every child is one caring adult away from a success story "   - Josh Shipp


You might be the one person who plants a seed of hope for a child in foster care.  You can give love and care when it is needed the most.


You can provide the safety and structure

a child needs to heal, grow and thrive.

And you won't do it alone. We believe in the age-old saying "it takes a village".  In this day and age, the village is being reclaimed. Our highly trained staff, community of families, and care communities will give you close support, empathy, and guidance


foster children in the U.S ​​


foster children in Ohio​​


foster children we are not able to

provide a home to each day​​

number of caring adults it takes to

change a child's whole world

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