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Child Advocacy


Our Story 

Child abuse and neglect is not a new problem for the community of Miami County, Ohio, however up until recently, there has not been a coordinated effort to prevent and respond to these cases.

Prior to May 2022, this community lacked a collaborative response from the mandated investigators responsible for managing these cases. Exacerbated by the COVID pandemic in 2020, Miami County saw the largest increase in child abuse investigations that year with cases jumping 17%.


In response to the sharp increase in child abuse cases and a realization there was a better way to respond and intervene with victims of child abuse, the Child Advocacy Center at Isaiah's Place was formed. The CAC ensures children in Miami County receive prompt and specialized services when there are allegations of abuse.


Led by a Multi-Disciplinary Team, the CAC offers a neutral and safe environment for the child and family to receive services to help begin the healing process.

How does the CAC help children?

Why the CAC?

Child Advocacy Centers make sure the child, who is at the heart of our mission, is not further victimized by the systems designed to help them.

Child Advocacy Centers ensure children receive timely and specialized medical exams and mental health treatment to help them begin their journey to heal.

Child Advocacy Centers strengthen cases against the offender with a higher likelihood of holding offenders accountable

Contact Us

Phone: (937) 335-3701

Fax: (937) 335-7291

61 Stanfield Rd. 

Troy, OH 45373

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