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Deeper Comprehensive Dive Into Licensing

“At the end of the process, there's a person.” 

- Jason Weber, CAFO Foster Movement Director

If you are someone who likes to have as much information available up front as possible and a place to refer back to (post conversation with your licensing specialist), this is your page.  Here, we will provide as many details about the licensing process as possible, but remember! we all can mis-step so to stay on the same page, review your tasks/items with your licensing specialist. 

This Licensing Checklist outlines all of the tasks associated with the Licensing Process.

Below are all of the different phases and forms described in more detail

Phase 1 - Decision

Do you want to foster?  - Watch this “Fostering Journey video” (bitly link) to get a sweeping overview of the process.


If yes: email Paul, our assistant director, saying so.  If you are very ambitious, you are welcome to attach a completed application (minus the signature & date).

If maybe: email Paul that you'd like to discuss options for fostering or other involvement. 

If no: Do you want to support foster families? Click here and email Paul if anything interests you. 

Phase 2 - Orientation & Background Checks

Paul will connect you with a licensed assessor to review your application and schedule an orientation meeting.  After your application has been approved and you've completed your orientation, you will be sent out to complete some background checks.  We do not proceed with scheduling pre-service trainings or follow-up meetings until we have reviewed and ok'd a clear background check. 

Do you have skeletons in your closest? We are making sure kids are safe and thus need to make sure you haven’t met any of the following criteria (Bitly link).

Note: You are welcome to begin gathering documents and filling out forms, but it may all be in vain if something appears on your background check that stalls the process or disqualifies you or anyone in your household from continuing. 

Phase 3 - Train, Complete, Gather & Visit

All four of these tasks are completed in-tandem, but don't worry, we help you every step of the way. 

TRAIN - Elisha, our training coordinator, will contact you to gather your availability for completing 36 hours of in-person and online training hours. This document outlines all the 36 hours of training we coverThis calendar is where all of our pre-service and ongoing training hours will always be located. 


COMPLETE- In the first column of the licensing checklist are a list of forms to complete.  Below we will provide each form and help to describe how to complete them. Note: it is wise to contact your local fire department early to schedule a fire inspection as sometimes there are delays in them being able to schedule. 

GATHER- In the second column of the licensing checklist are a list of items we need to gather from you.  Note: that all items need to be dated after the application was signed/dates (i.e. tax return, ss card, driver's license, utility bills, & income (paystubs), 

VISIT- A Home-Study and Safety Audit are completed in your home, this is between two to four visits.  Mandated by the state, our assessors come to get to know you, to learn about your past and present situations.  We need to make sure a child is safe and is a good fit for your home.  If your home is not ready, we will help you get it ready.  During busy seasons of the agency, visits can be towards the end of your licensing process.  However, we strive to visit you throughout the licensing process so to get to know you and answer any of your questions face-to-face. 


Once you complete all of your training, and we complete all of our paperwork and data entry, we send along all of the information to the state.  They usually respond within 24-48 hours and you are licensed!  

Remember! you are always in control.  So if you decide you want to begin with providing respite or you don't want a child in your home for the next 2 months, that's ok!  You guide us and we will react and honor your requests. 

Forms & Paperwork Descriptions 

All of these forms will be provided to you as a paper copy and electronically in an email.  If you happen to misplace any of those copies, you can download them here by clicking on the underlined heading.  The following descriptions are here for your reference and as tips to help you complete. If you have clarifying questions, please reach out to your licensing specialist before proceeding. We'd like this to be as smooth of a process for all of us as possible.  After completion of each form,  you can send along an electronic copy verify you are on the right track, but please keep original copies, as we will need to submit those.

Fire Inspection Form 

  • This form is completed by a representative of your local fire department. 

  • We suggest after your BCI/FBI has been ok'd you reach out to your fire department to schedule as they sometimes have a delay in scheduling.

Financial Statement

  • The state needs to be assured that your income is not primarily from foster care and that you are financially self-sufficient without the per diem amount of the child(ren) in your home.

  • Mostly a self-explanatory form you complete. Please ask if you have any questions.

Medical Form 

  • Mostly a self-explanatory form you complete. Please ask if you have any questions. 

Child Characteristics Checklist

  • You complete this form and review it towards the end of your licensure with your licensing specialist. 

  • You may have come into this journey having a picture of what characteristics of a child(ren) you'd be willing to bring into your home.  This can often change through the transformational training process.  

  • You are welcome to complete this electronically so you can easily edit. If you plan on completing this on paper, we ask you wait until one of your homestudy sessions to complete. 

Safety Audit Form

  • You do not complete this form, your licensing specialist does. 

  • We are providing it here for you to review and to be aware of what the licensing specialist will be reviewing as they come into your home. 

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