Licensing may seem like a complicated process, it's not. 

It's a slow series of steps we take one at a time. 

We are here the whole way to guide and help you.

As you complete each step, it brings you closer to the first child in your home.  You'll realize how much care is taken to ensure the safety and well being for this vulnerable population. By the time you are licensed, you will know that your home is a safe haven for a child who needs a place to heal, grow and thrive. 

Licensing Process


Meet with a licensing specialist, ask questions, and learn if Isaiah's Place is right for you.  


Home Study

As paperwork is being completed, our licensing specialists will work with you in completing a home study. This consists of two or three home visits and many questions to ensure safety and to best match children for your home. 



Attend 36 hours of pre-service training. These training hours are built around your schedule. 



After completing all licensing requirements, your information will be sent to the state for approval. After you receive your license, you will be eligible for placements immediately.



  • Completed & Verified Application and Background Check

  • Completion of 36 hours of pre-service training, including CPR/FA

  • References from three non-family members and others

  • Copies of identification

  • Approval of a safety audit

  • Approval of a fire inspection completed by your local fire departments