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Becoming a Respite Home means having your home licensed as a safe haven for kids in foster care. The process is less than becoming a licensed foster home.  Also, the training hours you earn could count towards becoming a licensed foster family should you choose to foster later.

Respite Care Providers are a Vital Piece in the Child Protection Team

  1. Foster parents need a safe and reliable place for their foster children to go when families need to rest and regroup. Fostering can be difficult. A break is encouraged for “self-care” for foster parents.

  2. Respite homes are safe places for foster children. Respite families come alongside foster families as an alternative licensed home where children can be safe and cared for.

  3. Respite families are in demand! The whole foster care community needs more respite homes, which means kids need more respite homes!


Isaiah's Place 
One time Donation

Your gift will help us provide the best care for vulnerable children and families! Throughout the year, various needs arise for our children and families such as therapies not covered by insurance, educational expenses, and just typical childhood experiences; your donation will help us provide for those needs!


Isaiah's Place 
Supporter Subscription
Starting at $10/Month

For as little as 10$ a month, you can help us provide tangible support for children in foster care. Your recurring donation could help a child with back to school shopping, tutoring, participating in a sport, or other valuable events that every child deserves. If you subscribe, we will place your name on our supporters page out of appreciation for you being on our team!


Child Advocacy Center Donation

Your donation will go towards ensuring children in Miami County receive prompt and specialized services when there are allegations of abuse. The Child Advocacy Center provides a Multi-Disciplinary Team response to these allegations and offers a neutral and safe environment for the child and family to receive services to help begin the healing process.


For as little as 10$ a month, you can help us provide tangible support for child victims of abuse. Your recurring donation will help sustain our program that is fully funded by grants and donations to provide a coordinated, child-friendly response to allegations of child abuse.

Child Advocacy Center
Supporter Subscription
Starting at $10/Month

We need more respite homes! If this sounds like a way you could help the fostering community, please call our office for an application and to meet with our friendly licensing staff to have your questions answered.

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