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Consider Becoming a Foster Parent


foster children in the U.S ​​


foster children in Ohio​​

foster children we are not able to

provide a home to each day​​

number of caring adults it takes to

change a child's whole world

" Every child is one caring adult away from a success story " - Josh Shipp


You might be the one person who plants a seed of hope in the life of a child in foster care.  You can give encouragement at just the right time, give love and care when it is needed the most and provide structure and consistency a child needs to heal, grow and thrive.

And you won't do it alone. We believe in the age-old saying "it takes a village".  In this day and age, the village needs re-established and we are creating the structures and opportunities to do so. Our staff--with years of experience-- and our community of families will give you close support, empathy, and guidance

Is fostering easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Ready to take the Next Step?

Call us, email us, message us, let's start a conversation.  There is no wrong question, and we've probably heard them all. Don't hesitate to contact and inquire.


If you know you want to become a foster parent, contact us and tell us so.  Download, fill-out and email or drop-off your application.  Don't date/sign the application until we've reviewed and signed off. All next steps in the licensing process occur after your application has been approved. 

Licensing Process


Meet with a licensing specialist, ask questions, fill out an application and learn if Isaiah's Place is right for you.  If you proceed a cleared background check will allow you to continue to the next phase.


Pre-service training consists of 36 hours of applicable topics. These training hours are built around your schedule. 

Home Study

As paperwork is being completed, our licensing specialists will work with you in completing a home study. This consists of two or three home visits and many questions to ensure safety and to best match children for your home. 


After completing all licensing requirements, your information will be sent to the state for approval. After you receive your license, you will be eligible for placements immediately.

Another option is becoming a Respite Provider.  Respite is when a foster parent asks for a short period of time for a getaway and rest.


Respite helps foster parents re-charge so they can sustainably care for kids in their home.  Becoming a respite provider is a great way to get started. You can become a relational connection without the commitment of becoming a foster parent. And you might be a respite provider and eventually want to welcome a child into your home for a longer period of time.

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