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Evidence-Based Training

Isaiah's Place is proud to offer Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC) training to our parents. TFTC is an evidence-based model that provides our families with tools related to improving the outcomes of youth in therapeutic foster care. Families complete the seven, two hour sessions with a cohort, where they can grow and learn with other foster parents. 

The Seven Sessions

Our TFTC trainers have been trained by the National Together Facing the Challenge team and bring experience and knowledge from working hand-in-hand with parents and children in the foster care industry. 

Building Relationships and Teaching Cooperation

Setting Expectations

The Use of Effective Parenting Tools to Enhance Cooperation

Cultural Sensitivity

Transition to Young Adulthood

Effective Communication and Taking Care of Self

Implementing Effective Consequences


Thank you to The Troy Foundation for the Grant to be able to provide Together Facing The Challenge training to our parents!

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